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All students would undergo an Internship at least once before they graduate.


internship program is such an important requirement that hastily looking for a company just to complete the requirements defeat the purpose

Some students, in their haste to find a company for their internship, forget due diligence when choosing the right company.

So, here are some tips you might want to consider when choosing a company.


Career Path

Yes. CAREER PATH. There’s no such thing as too early for thinking what your desired career path is. As early as now, you have to consider what area you want to specialize in. Once you figure that out, narrow down your options to the companies who have a good reputation in the area you’ve chosen.



If there is one thing you should embody even after end of your internship, it is the values of the company. You have to make some research about it. What are the company’s core values? Are the employees good examples of the core values they are advertising? This is because the most important attribute a person should have is the values. Skill can be acquired, knowledge can be learned, but a good attitude is one thing a person will either posses, or not. You choose.



the company you will choose should, of course, have an Internship Program offered. And a good one in that case. They have to have their own set of procedures, rules and tasks meant for the Interns. These are supposed to give us a glimpse of how things work in the corporate world. No more whiteboard lessons, no more discussions, it should be in action.



You might say that it is unneccesary since it is not yet an actual job. But as per Sir Sonnie‘s words: If what you are doing is just observing, learning the ins and outs of a job, then fine, you can not ask for compensation. But if what you are doing is just like what an actual employee is doing, then you might want to consider receiving some compensation. Most importantly, don’t rush. Make researches, and take your time in deciding what company you’d like to have your internship with.

And don’t forget to enjoy it. After all, it is the experience that you are aiming for. Happy training!

Rochelle is a graduating HRDM student, and presently the President of the HR students organization of PUP-QC.

She assisted ASKSonnie in some training programs he facilitated in the past as part of her mentoring session.


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