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Generational Benefits according to JobStreet

Generational Benefits According To JobStreet


My analysis:


Generational benefits that are similar across generation: All wanted a birthday leave and health insurance

“Given the stress that professionals face daily at work and in traffic, and health risks associated with age and lifestyle,  health insurance is a wise choice.


But birthday leave is kinda surprise, because (1) one of the VLs (or SIL) can be used for this purpose, and (2) I never thought most people would want to make an emphasis for their birthday”


Boomers: Emphasis on preparing for life and security after retirement

“the most wise among the different generations, given that they are moving towards the legally mandated retirement phase of their career”


Gen X: Emphasis on work-life balance.

“because these generation (like me) is in the mid-life of their career, they, want to make sure family interest is not compromised in pursuit of wealth creation and professional growth”


Gen Y: Emphasis on getting most “time away” from office.

“likely because of the collective effect of social media, international travel becoming cheaper and relatively easier, and earning money or finding jobs (compare to earlier generations) are not as difficult as what it used to be, travel became attractive”

Gen Z: Emphasis on untouched take-home pay.

“the most practical in the sense that they want expenses that are not usually part of compensation packages, to be subsidized by the company”.


Though the generational survey represents the different generations’ wish-list, it does not reflect the emerging desire of professionals to also try entrepreneurship. And at most, these applies to professionals who are on the look to be part of an established company, if not a multinational organization.


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