HR competencies circa 2021

With a pandemic ravaged economy, HR competencies need an overhaul too. This to address the changing landscape of the business environment.

My Thoughts On JobStreets’ “Generational Benefits” Survey

Generational Benefits according to JobStreet   My analysis:   Generational benefits that are similar across generation: All wanted a birthday leave and health insurance “Given the stress that professionals face daily at work and in traffic, and health...

15th Learning EB: Excellence in People Management

Update 2/3/14: Requisition for a FREE seat is now CLOSED…. sorry 🙂 Resource Person: Matthias Zeuch Founder and CEO, HRMnext Limited; Editor-in-Chief for the “Handbook of Human Resources Management” of Springer Science+Business Media; Director for Innovative HR...

HR In The Eyes Of Her Stakeholders

HR can add value by ensuring those who “boarded the bus will take the right seat”, and an equitable partnership between management and employee.