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Strong leadership is not popular in many societies, because a strong man is associated to dictatorship and abuse.


strong leadership

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But iron balls leadership has nothing to do with dictatorship and abuse, but more on purpose driven, people centered and responsive leadership.

Allow me to derive the focus on my discussion on the life and works of Jesus, as I learned from my personal quiet time, and teachings from my mentor. Jesus example is anchored on

  • Objectives
  • Transparency
  • Crisis response
  • Iron balls
  • People first


Leadership by objective

Jesus knew his purpose of existence- that He will eventually lay down his life for the human race, the highlights of which are:   (1) forgiveness of sin (since blood is required to satisfy the requirement of the law) (2) for physical healing (3) to break the curse of the law (poverty and failure).

In short, a chance of new life is being made available thru the cross, and this served as His leadership framework when making crucial decisions.

  • Within his last three and a half years on earth, he developed the next generation of leaders, laid  a program for succession planning.
  • He laid down a new pattern: servant leadership
  • He laid down a strategy on how to continue what He started and get “the message of the cross”  across- first to the Jews, then to the rest of the human race.


Transparency in leadership

Jesus is a type of the ‘pass over lamb’ that the Jews sacrifice annually. The Mosaic law provided the parameters and procedures on how to go about this-  It was required that the lamb should be without blemish and defect, and before a pass over lamb is offered on good Friday, it must be presented publicly for four days, for public scrutiny.

As the lamb of God, Jesus presented himself for public scrutiny- the culmination of his life and works was showcased from palm Sunday to holy Wednesday. He was arrested on Thursday but found clean even by Pilate. So as the lamb of God, He offered himself as a sacrifice on good Friday.


Crisis leadership

From the time he was arrested, though it appeared that the villains in the story are in control, actually the composure of Jesus during his ordeal is proof that everything that was happening was not a surprise, but  is according to His plan and objectives. Likewse, from the time He was arrested on Thursday, he made sure that the eleven and His core followers will remain steadfast. He was in control.


Iron balls leadership

Sorry for the analogy, but Jesus is man enough to stand in front of His followers and face His accusers. This is in contrast of  political leaders who hide behind people power.

Furthermore, he has the balls to go thru pain and suffering. While crucified, Jesus was offered a drink meant to alleviate His pain, but He refused it. He took the pain and suffering of the human race from past to present (and future), at that very moment. 


People first leadership

One of the famous words of Jesus while crucified was “I’m thirsty”.  This is a powerful lesson for would be leaders and should be a stern reminder for those who call themselves leader. Jesus, as a leader, put people’s needs first before His.

This summarizes Jesus style on the last 3 1/2 years of his life on this planet. He only acknowledged and expressed His need, after He attended to the needs of other people.

This is servant leadership at its finest! May His grace continue to help us to be like Him both in our private and  corporate life. 


What about you, do you have worth sharing reflections? You can speak your mind by commenting below.




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