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At this point in my career, I just turned one year as an executive, when I received a call from a headhunter acquaintance, requesting for my updated CV.  Her client is a flourishing company and in need of executive for their HR Dept. The offer is rather tempting, so before I put myself in a complex situation, I decided to politely pass the opportunity. My acquaintance asked, “is your present employer deserving of your loyalty?

Loyalty is the wrong word to use in this convo, because loyalty is earned thru years of relationship. Courtesy or respect is the more appropriate one, IMO. Likewise, I have not warmed my seat yet as AVP, giving myself at least two years before quitting is beneficial not only to the employer, but also for myself.


But why 2 years, you my ask.

Give your self 2 cycles, at least. To get used to your job, or get assimilated to the operations of the company. 2 years is good enough to gain reasonable experience, and basis to request for increase or promotions, if you are still starting up in your career. 2 years is good enough to give your employer ample time to recover the cost for your hiring and training.

I have seen people change employers as often as they change their underwear, in the name of money. While this is not necessarily wrong, I am not comfortable with it for several reasons:

  1. We live in a small world– you will be known in the community as person who can be bought.
  2. Employers will not be considerate to you as well– in times of crisis, your position will be the first to be dissolved.
  3. Good will– It is only proper for the employer to get it’s ROI from you.
  4. The law of karma– at the end of the day, you will still get what you deserved. If you short change your employer, sooner or later what you have will be taken from you. On the same note, if you are being taken advantaged by your employer, you’ll get what’s supposedly yours in due time. perhaps in another way. Remember we have a just God and He gives to people what they ought to have.

Some of you may be thinking I am a nut. Maybe…. maybe not. It depends on your perspective.

I always tell employees who are disgruntled because of pay that the pasture is always greener on the other side . While I advise those who complain that their boss is like satan in the flesh that  it’s better to work with the devil you know than the devil you do not know.

You may ask, when is the right time to change employers… my answer is simple, when you are not looking for a new one.


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