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in one of my training class circa 2000.

in one of my training class circa 2000

Update: 8/12/14 –  3 years after I wrote this, I was offered an executive position in another company. 2 years after that, I ventured into Solopreneurship

Workplace and Life Learning facilitation…. volunteering.

Being one of the youth leaders in our campus, I was sent by our Student Affairs to participate in various student training, conferences in places I never thought I can visit that time. This developed my interest in Talent Development, adding value to peoples lives.
This interest drove me to volunteer in different organizations assisting in training/ conference / camp administration and/or facilitation. I also engaged in church outreach work– organizing and conducting bible studies.

Workplace and Life Learning facilitation…. career

My first work is with a large Christian church assisting the Under-shepherd in various church programs. From youth to family centered development programs.
My second work is with the leading Skin Clinic and Manufacturer of beauty products as Training Officer. I managed the Training Institute as well as developed programs for the manufacturing and the service group.
My present My third work is with a company engaged in various business operations– one of the best and in the top 20 corporations of Asia. I started in Training but promoted to handle the overall functions of Human Resources Management of one of its business units.

Workplace and Life Learning facilitation… advocacy

Presently, I am involved in the mentoring of the next generation of HR professionals and corporate leaders through our #HRMentoring program. Adding value to peoples lives has been a source of satisfaction. So I do it whenever possible in the best arrangements in a given situation.

Workplace and Life Learning facilitation… My Interest, My Life, My Calling… What Is Yours?



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