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Our post about SSS contribution while on maternity leave was received well by both female employees and newbie HR practitioners. As a result, we received another Q, this time about availing Sickness Benefit:

I am on leave due to threatened abortion, can I file for “sickness benefit” with SSS since I don’t have leave credits anymore? My employer also held my salary because of my prolonged absence.


Likewise,  I have an existing salary loan with SSS which I availed when I was with my pervious company. Will the balance be deducted from my maternity benefit?


Since I’m no expert on compensation and benefits, we sought an answer from subject matter experts in our community, and here’s the gist of their responses:

Threatened abortion, since it’s prior to delivery, can be filed as sickness benefit. That is, IF sick leaves and vacation leaves has been exhausted.


On the existing loan obligation, salary loan and maternity benefit are two different SSS benefits. So NO, the salary loan should not be deducted from maternity benefit proceeds.

Are you involve in compensation and benefits administration?  Care to share your experience in processing sickness benefit?


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