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As technology evolves, so are the different ways to bully another person . This blog post will discuss the different forms of cyber bullying  in the Philippines



This is also known as group bullying and cyber mob. Group bullying happens, at least from Philippine context, in response to (1) actual abuse or injustice- ¬†from the experience of the “master slapper” and “abusadong professor“), (2) when a person believes in an unpopular opinion, a former beauty queen had a hands on experience on this type (3) when netizens reacted rightfully or wrongfully ¬†to a (a) troll and (b) “perceived” abusive behavior- from the experience of “amalayer” and “I was not informed”.

  • Impersonating

This is the creation of false account or the hacking of the original account of the victim, and the perpetuator will use this to humiliate and attack the victim.

  • Flaming

This is the use of angry, vulgar and violent words against the victim

  • Text Bullying

This is the old school of cyberbullying but the second commonly used platform after Facebook. This form use the basic CP functions such as SMS or MMS to harass the victim

  • Creative Bullying

This form use creative arts to inflict damage to the victim, these are ¬†the use of “fan pages” as “hate pages”, photoshopped images, e posters and videos.

  • Outing (social engineering)

This form is meant to manipulate the victim to willingly divulge an embarrassing information or do something embarrassing. These will now be used  to harass and embarrass the victim

This is a special form of cyber bullying because the victims are teachers and perpetrators are student. The students use the same tactic as outing,¬†setting up the teacher to “snap” and record the whole thing to make fun of their teachers on social media.





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