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If telling the truth will put you in trouble, will you do what is right?

During public talks, private coaching, or counseling sessions, I often encourage my audience to try doing what is right regardless of the cost. I am a firm believer of integrity. Of course, I knew it’s easier said than done– but the benefits far outweigh the consequences of coming out clean, which are temporary.

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Just recently, (twelve years ago), two of my female staff made a blunder that will cause the termination of male staff. The male staff has done no wrong, performance is good enough and work attitude is double “A”. The problem lies with his school records wherein his university failed to authenticate his school docs on time. This could have been avoided if it was attended to by the two female staff. Now we ran out of time.
do what is right, come out clean
Our options then are to do what is right, that is recommended for the continued employment in spite of the deviation and lapse, which will definitely cause heads to roll (including mine), or save our ass by just ending the employment of the male staff and consider him a casualty of life’s unfairness.
Humanly speaking, the safest decision is to just let go of the male staff quietly. But something is not right.
So we decided to do what we thought our conscience will be satisfied. We did what was right for the male staff and proceeded with the recommendation to continue with the employment.
Immediately, I was asked to explain (twin notice rule is in motion/ I am afforded due process) by one of the executives. So I did, explaining that the situation, the male staff, (myself and 2 female staff who may have been negligent) be given consideration.
Nevertheless, the executive respected my recommendation and endorsed my request for approval.   I can not also blame my two female staffs who were in the thick of preparation for the opening of our grandest business center to date, the one our company will showcase to the world. And of course, accountability goes to me as well as their Manager and head of the Division.
Have prayed hard for God’s grace on this matter. I left my anxiety and fear at the Master’s feet hoping for the best at the same time preparing for the worse. This chapter in my career is another learning experience… prayerfully the experience will add value to my character.
Update: We received a verbal reprimand for this error. All are happy now 🙂  

Have you gone thru a similar experience? What did you do?


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