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Post updated to reflect the present COVID-19 pandemic.

Circumstances affect mental health, but a person can energize either faith or fear by his/her choices

I’m in the process of completing several sessions of value adding work attitude for a client, and I thought of extending the discussion here, because an attitude of faith benefits not only employees, but everyone specially in times of uncertainty.
Personally, I believe an attitude of faith will enable a modern employee to maintain a positive outlook in life despite COVID-19 effect, domestic issues, office politics, asshole bosses or bully officemates.
You may ask, “what the heck is an attitude of faith”?
First, we need to have a common understanding of what “faith” is. Faith and fear works on the same platform: “a confident expectation that something will happen”.
For fear, its a negative expectation, i.e. afraid that one may lose her job and eventually getting fired because her fear consumed her, she made it happen with her words and actions.
For faith, its a positive expectation, i.e confident that something good will come out in the future. If I may borrow one of the inspired sayings of Paul , a great Christian leader “.. faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see (Hebrews 11:1) .

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How “faith” operates in the corporate world? Let me share several stories to get my message across:
Story # 1:

I have a staff who worked with me for about 2 years. She finished college as a scholar and when she got the job, she supported the family. With her salary as R & F, she can’t make both ends meet given the needs of a family of 4. Despite her circumstances, she kept a positive outlook on the company and her job. She cultivated an attitude of faith. Given more time, she could be developed for a leadership position. However, an opportunity came for her to work abroad, though staff position, she earns P 50, 000.00/ month.

Story # 2:

I know another person, who was given opportunity to be promoted. He, however, was surprised that the Supervisor under him, by virtue of longer tenure, receives higher salary than him. Being a newly promoted manager, he endured the hardship of adjusting to the new position and mega responsibility. The said manager have the option to throw the towel since there seems to be a disparity of work and pay between his and her Supervisor. The Manager managed to keep a positive outlook. His attitude of faith, later on, reaped him benefits. Presently, his salary is 300% higher than his Supervisor.

Our outlook in life, if not careful, can be swayed by circumstances. The circumstances and events in life can energize fear that will cause our mental wellness go down the drain.
An attitude of faith is a choice. It is anchored on hope that tomorrow can be a better day than today.

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Though life is not fair, the Great Power in heaven is

In this time of lockdown because of COVID-19, we listen or read heart warming stories of people. and we also (try) to walk away from toxic connections. That’s cool!
Let me suggest also to read faith growing stories from the book of life, where tragedies become victories. In the midst of drought and hunger there are supernatural provisions. At a time of pandemic there is protection and healing. Those who lost job or leadership role, heaven still provided opportunities and favor.
Connecting with positive people and our loving family is good! But why not also connect to heaven where a compassionate Creator exist, whose love for his creation never changed.


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