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Article was updated to reflect the present covid-19 situation.

Circumstances can bolster either your faith or fear

What happens around us affects our soul. While we don’t have control over external matters, we can do something with how we respond. Faith or fear are competing for our attention. Both can influence our future and affect our mental balance.

How have you been?

Almost 2 years into the pandemic, most have experienced an emotional roller coaster because of covid in the family, job loss or reduced income, and office bullies. Some of us were not affected, a few remained enthusiastic while others became depressed.

Moving forward with faith or fear

Faith and fear are opposites but the same. The same because both sources their power from you– the confident expectation of your future or your belief of what will happen to you. But they are opposites because faith believes something good can happen in the future, while fear expects the opposite.
Whatever you are inclined to believe, it will change your outlook and in turn, influences your decisions and actions. Making it possible for your worse fear or best hope to materialize.

How does “faith” operate in the corporate world?

Let me share several stories to get my message across:
Story # 1:

I had a staff who worked with me for about 2 years. She finished college as a scholar and when she got the job, she supported the family. With her salary as R & F, she can’t make both ends meet given the needs of a family of 4. Despite her circumstances, she kept a positive outlook and believe she’ll have a better future. Given more time, she can be developed for a leadership position. However, an opportunity came to work abroad, though staff position she accepted the offer and earns P 50, 000.00/ month when minimum wage in PH is still hovering at 8K

Story # 2:

I know another person, who was promoted to manager. He, however, was surprised that the Supervisor of the department he assumed responsibility for receives a higher salary. Being an outsider, he is not welcome. His own staff works for his removal. Despite this, the manager struggled but kept a positive outlook. After a year, he was given a raise and his salary became 300% higher than his Supervisor.

How we respond to the circumstances around us is a choice.

Though life is not fair, heaven is

In this time of COVID-19, we are exposed to discouraging and toxic stories. But we can choose to believe that these too, shall pass.
Choosing the stories and people that influence us can help, but by connecting to heaven, we can also receive a regular booster shot of hope.

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