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There is a need to recalibrate sourcing strategies and give emphasis on employer branding as an anchor to the employee value proposition.

As the community manager of several HR social groups, I received  Qs and sometimes musings of group members on the job postings of fellow HR practitioners. Here’s an example:
Employer Branding and HR Marketing
While the intention of the non HR job postings is to get referrals from other HR, the observation of one member is valid.
I’ve been observing how recruiters search for prospective candidates, and I also looked back at how we sourced for our vacancies then. With the present landscape, I believe there is a need to recalibrate strategies because of tight competition due to supply mismatch, Add to that are the looming ASEAN integration, and the millennials‘ pickiness of job and employer.
It’s about time for HR, especially those in charge of sourcing and employee retention to learn the principles of marketing. Employer or Employment Branding is one of the modern HR roles.


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The initiatives taken by some BPM companies to place marketing with HR/recruitment is an ideal move. According to Penny Bongato, a good marketing campaign will benefit HR in attracting new talents and retaining the current ones. The value proposition is what they gain from the employer brand.


I thought of this in the past and even had  an intro session about HR Marketing, but there is no pressing need back then. Anyway, here’s a slidecast of what I presented few years ago.



We have updated this material and included how HR can use the pull and push marketing approach in sourcing, and obtain balance in both offline & online, above & below the line campaign.

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