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To help graduates, we produced this slidecast to share the gist of my talk before select UST students.  This is about practical “job hunting tips“.


Job hunting tips:


  1. Be clear with your value proposition and communicate it
    • Your value proposition is your promise of value to be delivered. This is the primary reason why an employer will hire you.
    • A value proposition is also your brand–  the fusion of your competencies, personal values and character, purpose and objectives in life.
    • Use social media showcase your your value proposition.
    • Ensure that your CV will also reflect and communicate your value proposition.

  3. Survey the terrain
    • Acquire enough knowledge about the industry/ies and  company/ies where you intend to apply, to ensure an intelligent conversation with the interviewer.
    • Identify likely challenges
      • one likely challenge is the perveived behaviour of Gen y and z.
    • Navigate thru the identified challenges.
      • use the same behavioural traits that interviewers assume as negative and cite a positive explanation.
    • Develop a communication strategy for your value proposition

  5. Know what is expected of you. i.e. The competencies required for the job

  7. Interview tips
    • While waiting for your turn, observe and chat to employees if possible. Get a feel of the work environment and culture
    • During the interview, set aside your prepared speech and listen to the question so you can answer accurately and precisely.
    • Be assertive and confident when you communicate.
    • This is also your opportunity clarify, so make sure to ask Qs now, before your application is processed to the next level.


If you’ve been employed for some time, add more job hunting tips so these graduates will receive job offer in nick of time



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