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Smacked in the middle of multi-generational employees, nothing is more challenging than balancing the requirements of the organization vis-a-vis the different work behavior of employees coming from different generations.


This work behavior, after analyzing the demography of my organization, shed light to the turn-over rate, administrative cases, unmet expectations and other organizational problems.

The following are my encounters with these employees and my observation as confirmed by studies:

  • Ragnarok¬†Millennial¬†Generation: This represents the youngest generation is our workplace. These are tech oriented and have at least an account on different social networking sites. This group, even though at early age, would expect to be part of the “loop” and would like their voices to be heard and be involve in decision making. They are comfortable on casual relationships with peers and boss rather than the structured ones. They look at leaders as mentors not autocrats. They tend to be more loyal with people rather than the organization. Keeping them in the organization depends on how they see their importance and role in the organization and how they are paid.
  • Generation X: This group represent my group (ages 28-40). This group is not comfortable with structure. Adherence to guidelines is dependent on how they understand the reasons for such. They will stay in the organization based on the values and goals espoused by the organization, opportunity for growth and flexible working conditions.
  • Baby Boomers: This group represent employees ages 41-59. This people are known as the hard workers and workaholics. They are comfortable with structured work environment. They value relationships but expects the people around them to work long hours like them.
  • Traditionalist: This group represents employees from ages 60 and up. Though I have few encounters with this group, they are known for their loyalty towards the organization and their work ethics. They are very formal in relationships.

Do you have similar observation? Can you share your experience?

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