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When I first started blogging in 2004, I could write about anything. Meetings with pioneer bloggers resulted in collaboration and continued growth. There were many FIRSTs in digital marketing, content development and management, search engine optimization, and citizen media, including election coverage and interviews with Presidential and Senatorial candidates.
image describes how vloggers and bloggers can grow in 3 ways


It evolved into different forms, like vlogging, tweeting, reeling, photo blogging, and so forth. To be a responsible digital citizen, you must know and abide by many things.

  • Protect your privacy
  • Protect someone else’s privacy and respect (digital) human rights. Your Vlogging content can put another person’s privacy and safe space in jeopardy
  • Adhere to both national and international e-laws. Vlogging can lead to online libel among other things if we are not careful.
  • At all costs, safeguard your digital estate. Walang forever, remember Friendster and Multiply? Make sure your digital estates are not dependent on someone else’s platforms. What is popular now can be gone tomorrow.
  • Think of quality content, add value, fact-check, and cite sources. Do not engage in click-baiting, and worse, use someone’s quote, social card, photos, music, or videos and make them appear as your own.
  • Learn SEO, photo and video editing, and follow best practices

Invest if you want to earn

  • Subscribe to Grammarly or Quilbot
  • Consider self-hosting your blog or go ‘premium’
  • Buy gadgets
  • Comply with Google’s quality guidelines, such as speed, mobile friendliness, and security (HTTPS); Meta and Tiktok

Be certain why you’re doing what you’re doing so you don’t get sidetracked by the glitz and glam of likes, hearts, shares, stars, and moolah

  • If you want to be an influencer or make money, there is a lure to ignore ethics.
  • Once you’ve figured out how herd mentality works in influencer marketing, there is a lure to spin stories for personal gain
    If you are into v/blogging, any words of advice?

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