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As testament that his blogging framework is value adding, Sonnie received the Best Corporate and Brand Blog award from Bloggys, on 2015. This is his 2nd, the 1st was on 2010 when he received the Best Advocacy Blog from the Philippine Blog Awards.


Blogging is on the rise!

This piece of good news is from Matt Mullenweg himself, co-founder of wordpress and CEO of Automattic, he was in town for the WordPress Community Meet-up in Manila.

“It’s coming back… People always like things that are new and shiny, but ultimately they return to substance, Blogging is really about substance. It’s the most rewarding thing,” he told

Before the rise of Facebook and Twitter, blogs are the “in” thing. And if you’re into blogging, it’ll squeeze every drop of your creativity juice to form a “substance”-   whether it’s an article, video blogs, podcast or photo blogs.

Because I’m an early adopter, the blogging framework I embraced played a significant part in my  success journey.


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With renewed interest to blogs, it’s best for the veterans to  to collaborate w/ new generation of bloggers to revisit the value adding blogging framework, to benefit not only the community but the blogger too.

For entrepreneurs, blogs should be an integral part of your social business strategy.

Sonnie Talks About Purpose Driven Blogs

photo courtesy of Jude Agbayani

Because of this, the initiative of Might Rasing, is not only timely but also a good move to connect bloggers who are also Christians.

On May 31st 2014, we had a a meet-up with book authors, young people and professionals  who are also bloggers,  at OMF Literature’s Main Office and Bookstore, Mandaluyong City. I gave a talk and shared the framework I embraced when when I started blogging on 2005

My Blogging Framework: “One Step Back Two Steps Forward”



One Step Back: Go back to your purpose

Your passion is built on, and around your purpose in life. By aligning your reasons for blogging to that of your purpose in life, you will never run out of ideas on what to write. Likewise, your motivation and energy supply will not run dry even during tough times.

In my case, I stuck to my interest and that is people development. When I started blogging around 2005, my posts were geared towards people management and organisational development. This built my influence and online reputation that time. Three years after, because my blog is all over search engines when you search for HR related contents,  headhunters discovered me and I was offered an Asst. VP position.

In application to business blogging, the person you’ll assign for your social business strategy should have a clear understanding of, and embraces the company’s mission, vision and values. Of course, these employees should have displayed a level of loyalty to the brand and there is an innate  interest to writing and social web. In this way, the marketing and hr strategy is not only aligned to the company’s purpose, but the person blogging about it writes w/ dedication and sense of ownership.

Two Steps Forward- Step 1: Be consistent, truthful and transparent

As much as you can, create a blog that will represent you, your  brand. Your offline persona, including values and character should be consistent with your online persona. Compartmentalising can confuse your follower, and likely interpret this as lack of integrity. Do not exchange your reputation with the freebies and other perks or compensation that goes with blogging. Some players in the industry , whether consciously or not, can either corrupt or take advantage of you

In business blogging, consistency and truthfulness in your campaign is the key.

Two Steps Forward- Step 2: Add Value

When your visitors read your blog, it should spark critical thinking and effect change. Your readers should become a better informed individual and can learn practical  skills.

My blogging mantra is, entertaining them is good, but building them is better.

In business blogging, making them buy your product or avail your services is not the “only” objective. When customers embraced your brand, what value was added to him, his community and environment, aside from the bragging rights or status symbol?

These tips are non-technical, but practical enough to help ordinary and non techie people to start blogging with the right framework of mind.

Do you have a unique blogging tip to share? Speak up and think out loud.
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