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If HR 1.0 was “Personnel” and HR 2.0 was about the “Strategic HR,” what will HR 3.0 bring?


Consider these:

  • The Philippines has 44% internet penetration rate where 40% are into social media
  • And here’s the breakdown of the different platforms being used.

hr 3.0 foundation

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photo credit and source: Fleire Castro

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When companies block internet and social media access, they assume that the organisation will no longer be exposed to the risks associated with cyber abuse and cyber crime. But, it can only address 1-2 issues utmost, these are:

  • Wasting company time [loss of productivity] and though this is debatable
  • Malware infection

There are more to social media and cloud computing, and a better understanding of the subject puts HR in better position to address the ever changing workplace landscape.

With the rapidly changing social and technological landscape, and more millennials dominating the work force, HR 3.0 will make sure the organisational infrastructure

  • are relevant with the times
  • has sound policy to protect company  from employees online behaviour
  • can attract and keep the millennial employees with leadership potential
  • closes the digital gap among the different generational workforce
  • can extract relevant metrics from big data
  • engage employees using social apps and platforms
Have you crossed over to 3.0? Or you are still in the process of transitioning from 1.0 to HR 2.0?



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