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Inter-company transfer within one conglomerate, a company was taken over by new management, how to treat affected employees in the Philippines?

This is one of the common questions I am receiving, so allow me to share my response here for the benefit of everyone

Sir Sonnie, the scenario is this.. my company will be taken by new entity, change of company name, but it will be handled by same people.. same operation… We will be retained as employees on the same company… Should we expect  them to give us separation pay?

Thank you.

My answer:


What you just experienced is what we call ‘inter-company transfer’. This is not a usual resignation or hiring, since this involves more back-end work of the departments involve, operations and employee attendance is not affected. Example of inter-company transfer is when employees from one member company is transferred to another member company of a conglomerate, or when a business operations will be taken over by new management or company and employees will be retained.
In an ideal environment, before planned changes are rolled out, effect on the employment of affected employees should have been planned for, and discussed to employees prior to the implementation of change. Two options:

Prior to implementation, affected employees should have been informed of the arrangement. In some cases, they were given the prerogative to chose which of the 2 options to take. The process should be discussed and arrangement concurred by the two parties in writing.



  • Terms of transfer – This contains the process, steps and arrangments of the inter-company transfer or take over of new management
  • Resignation of employee –  Once the terms of transfer is duly concurred, employee now can submit resignation to the old company, stating that the reason for resignation is inter-company transfer
  • New contract –  The new company now will issue a new contract, containing the agreement on the terms of transfer
  • Clearance – The old company now will process the clearance for documentation purposes and to transfer accountabilities and payables of the employee to the new employer


Separation pay

If the inter-company arrangement is for the new management or new company to treat affected employees as new employee and tenure is reset to zero, then old company should  release commensurate separation pay, that includes separation pay per Labor Code, pro rated 13th month, unused and accrued SL/VL/SIL, release of cash bond and alike.

Have you gone thru a similar situation before? How was it?


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