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3.11.2020: Code Red Sub-level 1 declared in PH after local transmission was confirmed

DOH is conducting COVID 19 seminar. This writer organized two sessions for The ASK Project and LODI Inc communities, to emphasize coronavirus prevention in the workplace.


Dr. Quintana, COVID-19 resource person from DOH

After DOLE issued advisory 04 and DOH released Memorandum 56,  Department of Health started conducting COVID-19 orientations at their Manila offices. Since the likelihood of spreading the novel coronavirus in the workplace is high, we seized this opportunity to have 2 sessions for  LODI Inc. community and The ASK Projects’ followers to emphasize employers’ role in preventing COVID-19 in the workplace.  SMS Global Technologies Inc., provided the venue for free at the 25th floor of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines Tower, at Jade St., Ortigas Center.

The HR Director of SMS GT welcoming the participants to their facilities

About 88 Companies participated on the COVID-19 seminar. Employers sent representatives from their Operations, Human Resource, Medical Services and Occupational Health and Safety Committee members to get insights and clarifications from Dr. Ronaldo Quintana, Medical Officer of  Infectious Diseases for Elimination Division, Disease Prevention and Control Bureau of the Department Health. For those who missed the session, below is a copy of Dr. Quinatas’ COVID-19 Orientation.

Before the COVID-19 seminar, the participants thru an structured learning exercise,  shared their experiences about the effects of misinformation about COVID-19 and the stigma it brough to the Chinese. Pax also shared their expectations not only for the session but to DOH in general.

The facilitators of the program, MDP (Management Development Program) learners also used chicken dance to remind pax of proper handwashing. MDP Learners are alumni of HR 1.0 Mentoring Program who are being developed for leadership roles in the community.

The COVID-19 orientation provided the avenue for participants to clarify the gray areas in the guidelines/ procedures relative to identifying PUMs (persons under monitoring) and PUIs (persons under investigation) . Some of the prevailing misinformations about COVID 19 were also brought up and clarified.
DOH also gave soft copies of its info campaign materials for distribution. Feel free to download and share these in your network. These will counter the fear being generated by COVID-19 fake news .

Feel FREE to download and share. With permission from DOH

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Posted by The ASK Project on Tuesday, February 18, 2020





Recent Updates from DOH (as of 3.11.20)


Social Distancing



Guidelines for Management and Referrals of Suspected and Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Under Code Red Sublevel 1



Decision Tool for Suspected COVID-19 Patients but without Symptoms



Decision Tool for Suspected COVID-19 Patients and with Symptoms



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