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Properly identified accountability eliminate gray areas. Define who are accountable, have it acknowledged and you will minimize finger pointing situations in the future.

I received another inquiry, this time it’s about accountability via private message. I am sharing my response here to spur critical thinking in the  HR community. Here it goes

May I get your thoughts on a case in our company. I am the HR Manager here. My 2 HR staff lost 50k out of 150k cash. Since said staff passes the amount between them, I Can’t account who had lost the money.
Action Taken:

  • Incident happened on a Friday (Day 1)
  • Asked an Incident report on a MOnday and received their report (Day 2)
  • Invited for an admin hearing . committee of the hearing  (me, 2 team leaders and 1 shift leader) with audio recording
  • In-house CCTV footages of the incident been investigated but no sign of evidence (Day2)
  • Today (Day 7), Expecting to get the CCTV of the building for another source of proof (not yet available)

Here are my Qs:

  • What if no clue seen, what do you think we should do after?
  • How to settle the 50k from them? Sharing %?
  • What action to make for their employment. What case this would fall?

My response:

a. what if no clue seen, what do you think we should do after?
Those responsible for the money will be held accountable, if no evidence of theft or qualified theft can be established
b. How to settle the 50k from them? sharing %?
Accountable employees to share the responsibility equally
c. What action to make for their employment. what case this would fall?
Please check provision for negligence. Likewise,  I highly suggest, for humanitarian reasons,  to give top management options on how to implement the sanction:
❐ collect money then waive suspension
❐ waive collection but proceed with the suspension
❒ both collect the involved amount and proceed with the suspension

If you are in the situation of the manager, what will you do?


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