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Employee dissatisfaction is a problem every HR practitioner is trying to solve. Thanks to, the company commissioned a study to understand the problem in Philippine context.

A trip to Makati in a stormy morning proved to be a productive one. After attending the launch of’s  Law of Attraction website, there are gems of information I acquired that are helpful for talent managers and developers.
Law of Attraction Launch
Amidst  the nationwide prevalence of high job dissatisfaction of Filipino employees, commissioned a study to pinpoint where the problems lie. Said study is the biggest ever conducted the recruitment platform involving 18,378 Filipino employees across different job levels in 25 key industries.

With so many useful information to digest, I decided to make a 2-3 part series to discuss the result of the study. This article will be the 1st, and will discuss the reasons of dissatisfaction of Filipino workers.
Drivers of Filipino Employees Dissatisfaction
Jobstreet is able to identify 3 main reasons of employee dissatisfaction, and these are:

These somehow validated our experience in the #HRMentoring community of LODI Inc. Our partner alumni are forthright of the causes of their dissatisfaction. And it goes to show that the reasons are actually common across Filipino millennials.
Just a short side comment of the top 3 reasons. The absence of the 1st one is an indication of the absence of life in the company. The last 2, however is in my grey zone. Based on experience, attitude determines growth, both in career and character. But let us reserve that in another discussion.
Going back to study, let me share the industries that have the highest dissatisfaction ratings, per reason.
Dissatisfaction for lack of career development
Those who belong top printing/publishing, the public service and IT (BPO) is said to be the most dissatisfied in terms of career growth
Dissatisfaction Towards Management and Leadership Style
While those in construction, banking and healthcare are said to be dissatisfied with the management and leadership style.
Dissatisfaction because of company culture
Construction and IT/BPO industry seems to be a problematic industry having mentioned twice, of the top 3 reasons.
I will write at least 1 or 2 more articles to discuss the other findings of the study, which are (1) employee/applicant expectations per industry and (2) the happiest employees per industry.
For the mean time, let’s digest the dissatisfaction drivers and the industries that were mentioned. I chose to reserve my opinion in the hope that we can start a conversation in the comment section.
Care to share your take on Jobstreet findings?

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