Sex and the Human Resource– part 1

Sex and the Human Resource- one of the FAQs I am receiving is when either HR or someone in leadership position gets into an intimate relationship with an officemate– from plain exchange of body fluids to one involving the heart.

In situations like these, should HR get involve? Why and how?

HR is a Spiritual Profession

When work is a spiritual profession, the people we encounter are seen not as pests or preys nor predators but as persons that deserves courtesy and respect.   Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over...

Understanding PH Chairship and the ASEAN Community

When the Philippines assumed the ASEAN Chairship, the country¬†launched the six thematic priorities for the 3 pillars of ASEAN Community¬†under the theme, “Partnering for Change, Engaging the World”. Aside from the usual meetings, ¬†festivities¬†were planned...

Unsolicited Advice to PH News Agency (PNA)

Someone, or a group inside Philippine News Agency (PNA) is resistant to change. Thus, resorting to embarrass certain high profile Gov’t officials by deliberately committing error, or deliberately allowing someone to commit an error.

A Case of Abusive Bloggers

A blogger friend referred me to an FB discussion about an alleged abusive and shameless blogger, I thought “what’s new?” Same old story, but different players– “Bloggers allegedly gate crashing on events, demanding for tokens, hauling...

2018 PH National Holidays and Long Weekends

Update: Beginning 2018, Dec. 8 will now be a special non working holiday per RA 10966   Thru Proclamation 269, Malaca√Īang has released the dates for 2018 Philippine Holidays 2018 Philippine Holidays (Regular) New Year‚Äôs Day- January 1 Maundy Thursday- March29...

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