Why I Believe On God (3)

Our soul was refreshed and attitudes amplified. Assured that we can be still, because God is in control   Still tired and recovering from the aftermath of our Milenyo or Xangsane experience, my family went to Cathedral of Praise to worship. The chorus of one of...

Why I Believe On God (2)

God is a God that gives fresh start– like the “born again experience”. God places a person’s worth not in his/her past, specially the dark past. Instead, He embraces our future… our potential. God is “expert” in turning ‘mourning into dancing’.

Why I Believe On God (1)

  Before they call, I will answer     Answer to prayers even when in doubt. A personal testimony from Helen Roseveare M.D., Missionary Physician from England to Zaire, Africa One night I had worked hard to help a mother in the labor ward; but in spite...

Reinventing The Wheel

Everything has been will come back again. Everything that has ever done will be done again. Nothing is new on earth. There isn’t anything about which someone can say, ‘Look there is something new’. It was already here long ago. It was here before we were....

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