The 2013 State of Search and Social in the Philippines

A single word to describe the Filipino internet is ‘social’. The Philippines still holds the highest social media penetration of all countries w/ 96.1% of the online population in social media. Some of the popular sites are as follows:
Facebook- 92.2%; Twitter- 20.3%; Tumbler- 12.6%; LinkedIn- 8.6%

Likewise, with 9 in every 10 searches on the Filipino web, search has largely become synonymous with Google”. Yahoo! comes on distant 2nd with 6.7% and Bing on 3rd.

A Great Customer Service

I would like to share two good experiences with start up businesses who provided  above normal customer assistance. The first service provider is Car-Go, a new car wash (and general car care) center at # 8 Macapagal Blvd. (in front of PNB). The price is $2.5 (P 100)...

A Life Of It’s Own

FINALLY! Electricity was restored… This entry was supposedly published on the 28th but we faced off with “milenyo” I checked my old Sonnie’s Porch, I am no longer updating the site since I moved to . To my delight, the site is still...