A Great Customer Service

I would like to share two good experiences with start up businesses who provided  above normal customer assistance. The first service provider is Car-Go, a new car wash (and general car care) center at # 8 Macapagal Blvd. (in front of PNB). The price is $2.5 (P 100)...

A House In Order

In case you have not noticed, this blog, since Easter, is sporting a new theme courtesy of WP Premium. While I like my old theme, it can not accommodate new opportunities for advertising, and it is not compatible with Internet Explorer. Thus, the change in outfit....

CSR: Green Companies

A nugget of hope is what I unearthed for reading a newspaper after a cardio exercise. In the middle of political hula boos and increasing fuel prices, it was noted that some companies in the Philippines, in their own small way, is helping to protect the environment....

Arrogance In The Midst Of Triumph?

Update:Here’s another one from him: TU sweep in Maguindanao ‘stinks to high heavens’–GO exec Like every patriotic citizen, am awaiting every update on the national and local canvassing of votes. Hoping this election will yield value adding results. Am interested...

Vision In Leadership

The leaders vision, however, is what will capture the heart and passion of the the audience– In the corporate world, employees stay and become loyal to the organization not because of money, but because they share the vision

14 Work Life Principles of Henry Sy Sr.

Mr. Henry Sy Sr., is one of the tycoons in the Philippines builder of the famous SM Aura. His SM Group is dominant in the Retail, Leisure, Shopping Mall and Bank industry. The 14 Work Life Principles is being considered as the guiding business principle of his family


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