Understanding PH Chairship and the ASEAN Community

When the Philippines assumed the ASEAN Chairship, the country¬†launched the six thematic priorities for the 3 pillars of ASEAN Community¬†under the theme, “Partnering for Change, Engaging the World”. Aside from the usual meetings, ¬†festivities¬†were planned...

When A Supervisor Is Not

A supervisor is not when s/he spend more than 20% of his/her time to tasks not related to management functions.

The Mighty Heart Of NU Bulldogs

From cellar dweller to a champion, from laughing stock to a respected brand. A new era for NU (National University) Bulldogs has come.

How To Avoid Failure

Past experiences and present opportunities are not coincidences, they are intertwined with your purpose. Find that purpose and you’ll know your future..

Customer First Philosophy

We often read customer first policy in frames, but we rarely see this in action during difficult situation. But Krispy Kreme proved me wrong.

Pursue Your Passion

If you will pursue your passion, the likelihood that you are fulfilling your calling or purpose in life is high. You will not only get people’s attention, you will also find inspiration.

Visualize, and Make It Happen

What started as a concept has become a reality! While facilitating module 2 [protect your brand: use social web responsibly] of my social web series, an idea was born. I thought why not tweak my lecture to educate parents on how to keep their kids safe online. Since...

What’s Wrong With The News?

Every time I listen or read the news form the mainstream media, specially on the aspect of the economy, it’s as if doomsday is at hand. I’m certain the folks behind mainstream media exert considerable effort to balance their story, but the impression it...

Are Employers Deserving of our Loyalty?

At this point in my career, I just turned one year as an executive, when I received a call from a headhunter acquaintance, requesting for my updated CV.  Her client is a flourishing company and in need of executive for their HR Dept. The offer is rather tempting, so...

Divide And Conquer

This strategy has been used time and again by leaders to keep  control of the people, area or situation. And this is being used right now by the giant oil companies in the Philippines to dictate oil prices at the same time silence resistance from consumers. For the...

What Went Wrong.. What Went Right

2008 is set to end in less than 2 months, this is the best time to look back and reflect, and  plan for next year. If business organizations are doing this, specially in anticipation of the effects of the financial meltdown of world markets and recession of major...

The Choice Of Leadership

The world almost stop as it watch history unfold at uncle Sam’s backyard. By now, it’s evident who the new US President would be. As there are cheers of celebration, others are also sorrowed by defeat. From the voters point of view The most important issue...

Be On Top Of Your Game

This is a quick post just to share what I learned from my quiet time early this morning, that is being on top of our game