The Battle of Rallies

I am also for “some” of the reforms of the current administration, and in fact praised them for a job well done on public works. But keeping them beyond 2016 is something that I find unacceptable.

Are We Better Off Now?

I was a sophomore student in HS when Benigno”Ninoy” Aquino jr. was shot and murdered at the tarmac of the Manila International Airport (NAIA 1), I was curious then why my folks and uncles are jittery.

A Redemptive Attitude

a redemptive attitude is better than a judgmental one. On a distant past, a man exemplified what a redemptive attitude is– has the prerogative to pass judgement to a woman caught in adultery. But instead, he won back a soul considered hell bound by an angry mob who ready to execute her.


Please allow me to make a rare diversion on this blog, chose to write this now before biz issues flood my brain. This morning, I attended a forum sponsored by Philippine Daily Inquirer w/ former NEDA Chair Cielito Habito as resource person about pork barrel. And late...

Bible: Not A Book To Debate With

The authors of each book do not know each other and lived in different times, but they all speak in agreement to one central theme: Old Testament -> looking forward to the coming of Jesus as savior; and the New Testament -> looking back to what Jesus accomplished on the cross.

It Broke Our Heart

  After meeting w/ a former staff for possible business collaboration, I fetched wifey at College of St. Benilde. We decided to eat ¬†dinner in a nearby resto and just buy food for kids on our way home. We took a jeepney, and teen age boy ¬†suddenly boarded and...


  Red lights were flashing, but I ignored. The sensual appeal ¬†is simply irresistible. I thought, why not? It’s a long way to get there so why waste the chance? There were trust issues left and right, but because I am¬†smacked right in the¬†middle of it, I...

My Take on the RH Bill

my stand on RH Bill is 50/50. I agree that couples should have liberty to choose size of family and method of planning. But I’m against abortion

A bigger vision was born!

The recognition we received, perhaps, speaks of our dedication to the advocacy. Now the idea has gotten even BIGGER, thanks to the year end and Christmas season reflection,  a BIGGER vision was born. I will share with you the details in my succeeding posts, all I can...