A Redemptive Attitude

a redemptive attitude is better than a judgmental one. On a distant past, a man exemplified what a redemptive attitude is– has the prerogative to pass judgement to a woman caught in adultery. But instead, he won back a soul considered hell bound by an angry mob who ready to execute her.


Please allow me to make a rare diversion on this blog, chose to write this now before biz issues flood my brain. This morning, I attended a forum sponsored by Philippine Daily Inquirer w/ former NEDA Chair Cielito Habito as resource person about pork barrel. And late...

Bible: Not A Book To Debate With

The authors of each book do not know each other and lived in different times, but they all speak in agreement to one central theme: Old Testament -> looking forward to the coming of Jesus as savior; and the New Testament -> looking back to what Jesus accomplished on the cross.